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Hello beautiful! It's time to Unleash Your Inner Minx

Dance at Club Minx

Are you a night owl? Do you love:
Good music, the night life, meeting new people, earning REAL money and having fun with like-minded girls? 

Club Minx is seeking genuine, hard working, kind, energetic girls who are driven to get more from life.
This role is perfect for university students, girls with goals, women who mean business when it comes to creating financial freedom and girls who feel ready to take life to the next level. 


Earn like a Boss

What are your biggest goals? 
Perhaps you want to own a house before you're 30. 
Maybe you'd love to have enough money to travel the whole world, go to Yatch Week and stay at five star hotels one day.

Did you know that Club Minx dancers can earn as much as a doctor or surgeon every week?


Our past and present dancers have paid off their University debt, paid off their loans and bought a brand new car, spent an entire summer in Europe on a luxury vacation, invested in the stock market, invested in their dream wardrobes and own a collection of all their favourite Louis Vuitton handbags without having to worry, scrimp or stress.

If you've had enough of feeling broke, enough of living pay day to pay day, feeling like you're missing out on everything life has to offer or you're just done with minimal pay and the 9 to 5 life, becoming a dance could be the perfect next step for you.

In this role, your income is driven by you. 

If you're kind, genuine, hard working and ready to become a top earner and girl boss we would love to hear from you. 


A new career with a twist

Would you like to look and feel stunning, enjoy good music all night, get paid to meet new people and be part of the night life? 

All successful applicants can expect to join our tight knit,
hard working female-based team. Thrive in a role where looking glamorous, having fun and network with clients is key. All in a safe environment with full backing and support from management. 

Becoming a dancer isn't what you might think or have seen in the movies or on tv. It's a real job with massive earning potential and to be transparent, it's a lot of fun. 

If you're ready to join an elite team and feel motivated to have a lot of fun and become a top earner, we would love to connect with you. 


What's in it for you?

Every job has perks. This is what we offer at Club Minx:



Do you have big, real financial goals?

Our girls have goals such as owning a home, travelling the world or buying a new car.


Becoming a dancer at Club Minx puts you in a position where you can create a lifestyle for yourself where you can become financially free at a young age without any experience.



Club Minx is fully equipped with security officers, security cameras and strict procedures to protect every single one of our team members, especially our dancers.

Joining our team means that your safety and happiness is prioritised and taken into account at all times.



Who runs the world? Girls!
Club Minx is a small, friendly, warm and welcoming team run by likeminded women.

We have a strict "no mean girls" policy 

to protect our fun and positive club culture. Work with kind, genuine people and feel excited for every shift. 



We understand that there is a high level of discretion in the dancing role. 

Your secret and identify are safe with us. 

You're free to feature on our social media (or not). Identity disguising theatrical masks are provided if you'd like to participate but prefer not to show your face. 



If you're new to dancing we welcome you. 

Our team will make sure you feel comfortable, welcomed and ready to take on the stage and build your customer base. We understand dancing can be daunting, but we are prepared to back you, support you and ensure your true earning potential and personality shine in this career. 



If you have serious goals, are driven to seek out and create financial freedom and want a job where you are empowered to earn potentially as much as a doctor or surgeon each week, this is your opportunity. 

Be the girl boss you've always dreamed to become and start building your empire with Club Minx. 


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